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The planning of the “Centro” Complex is based on and located within an overall Detailed Plan of some 160 acres with 315,000 sq.m. of building rights prepared by our office.

The “Centro” Project itself was planned with direct access to the railway and to an arterial road. It combines commercial & office complex, a train station and adjacent parking lots with 34,000 sq.m. of building rights. The synergistic effect of combining these functions maximizes the economic success of the project.

The “Centro” Complex includes two commercial levels directly accessible to the public from the main street and the lower square level, with 6 office floors. The square is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops which serve as a connection to the planned train station while allowing for maximal exposure of the commercial spaces and optimal use of the site provided.

2017- the Detailed Town Plan and  building permits have been approved, and the project is under construction and beginning of occupancy.