Industrial Parks- Ariel

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After the approval of the “Industrial Parks” Master Plan for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space for an area of 1085 Dunam, we prepared a Detailed Plan for the available land in order to create an immediate development momentum for the city of Ariel.  The Detailed Plan delineates 363 Dunam and 90,000 sq.m. of built area for high-tech industries, research institutes, etc., which enjoy a wide range of services: administration, offices, library, kitchen and dining room, conference halls, etc., with emphasis on open and developed spaces, the appearance of buildings, parking and a high level of environmental preservation. Architectural detailed planning for thefacade of 11 industrial / multifunctional research buildings and architectural planning of the main building for the purposes of library, dining room, halls, etc. The goal is to intensify and exploit difficult topographical conditions and find planning solutions for the accessibility of both motor and pedestrian systems.