Kiryat Malachi Industrial Park – Eastern complex

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  • S-תשריט מתן תוקף - 25.4.18

A new plan for the expansion of the Kiryat Malachi Industrial Park, initiated by the Israel Lands Authority, was approved by the District Committee on April 16, 2018.
The plan will, among other things, enable the development of some 550,000 square meters for diverse employment.
The approved plan area covers about 1,020 dunams north of Moshav Timorim, south of the Haela River and as a direct continuation of the first stage approved from the West.

In addition, approximately 258,000 square meters of commercial space facing an open park, which will be developed along the riverbank, were approved in the plan.
The open park has been expanded into the employment area, creating a quality space for the welfare of employees and visitors.
The industrial park has been designed to enable a considerable population of factories alongside small enterprises or office buildings according to the demand, that will benefit from a dedicated infrastructure network and immediate accessibility to national Road No. 40.
The planning was accompanied by preparing an examination of the transportation implications and placing an emphasis on creating a set of ways that corresponds to the future capacity of the industrial park along with the future development from the east.