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The office was in charge of identifying a location for the establishment of the city, preparation and coordination of a regional plan, outline plan, strategic plan, detailed town plans, construction plans and coordination between the offices that were involved in the architectural detailed planning.
The government’s objective: rapid and massive population of the Jerusalem-Jericho axis.

Scope: regional planning of 30,000 dunam, urban planning of 2,700 dunam and 10,000 housing units, preparation of 6 detailed town plans for 4,772 housing units.

Constraints: The site chosen by the government for the establishment of the city was found as unsuitable. We had to prepare site alternatives and to get a permit from  the Ministers Committee for the new location. The Jerusalem municipality opposed the establishment of city and work accordling at all levels. The U.S position was similar, as it opposed new settlements beyond the “green line”.

Schedule: within 4 months of planning (from the day the city location was approved) we accompanied the infrastructure breakthrough and within 24 months we completed planning at all levels, received all permits and began building the 900 first residences with 15 different planning companies and 12 contractors, completing in parallel 6 detailed plans for 4,772 residences. The entire planning process- statutorical and physical- took place in parallel all the while receiving feedback from the client, authorities and varied consultants and planners.