Sderot District 10 “HaBustanim Neighborhood”

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  • בינוי ותשריט -SS

A detailed plan for the expansion of the city of Sderot northwards on an area of some 1250 dunam (310 acres). The plan includes 1,624 housing units in various styles (single family, stepped construction, urban density facades and high-rises), a variety of public buildings and commercial spaces as well as open spaces (natural and developed) and a park on a developed area of 600 dunam. The boundaries of the plan overlap with the open spaces of Shikma Park and the developed area is surrounded by natural limestone ridges and KKL forests.

The plan served as a pilot for the Southern District’s Policy Document for Consideration of Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services, and following the success of the pilot the Policy Document was approved in the Southern District and its guidelines are relevant to all future plans in open spaces in the district. The findings of the pilot led to significant changes in the development borders of the neighborhood, and assisted in the planning of a compact neighborhood based on principles of sustainability.