TMA 39 – Nitzanim region

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Establishment of community residential structures as part of the overall solutions offered to residents of the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria as part of the Disengagement Plan.
Plan, Location, Destination, Scope and Type of Construction:
The plan covers 40,000 dunams in the jurisdictions of Be’er Tuvia, the Ashkelon and Ashkelon coasts, and includes three residential complexes with 2,004 residential units, 2 tourism centers with 1,550 housing units, parks, nature reserves, shopping centers, infrastructure and public infrastructure.

Detailed plans: Detailed plans include instructions, appendices and schemes that enable issuing of building permits for 2 residentail areas with 1,653 housing units. The area covers
2,655 dunam of land andvincludes public buildings, commercial and infrastructure systems. Later, construction plans were prepared for implementation of the residential areas and the infrastructure. Afterwards, we carried out a supreme supervision of the implementation of the infrastructure accordingly.