“Golden Park” Regeneration- K. Shmona

  • תשריט - SS
  • תכנית בינוי פארק הזהב
  • פיתוח נוף פארק הזהב

Detailed Town Plan that regulates the inconsistencies and contradictions between the built structure, the statutory situation and the registration in the Land Registry and the leasehold rights.

The plan was prepared in an integrated urban and local vision and includes 1,135 housing units in multi-family and single-home construction in combination with a commercial area, offices, restaurants, a sports center, public buildings and an urban park, with a total area of some 200,000 sq.m. construction rights. The development of the residential complex was combined with the planning and development of the Golden Park which strengthens local, urban and regional functioning; and new built additions with complementary urban components such as leisure and recreation areas , an old age home, a sports center, public buildings and various attractions.