Scope of planning

The firm's projects that have been approved and/or implemented and/or are in planning include building rights of approximately:

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0residential units

Commercial, employment and transportation:



0Hotel rooms

New cities and towns

Leading towards a sustainable built environment in Israel Members of the Israel Green Building Council

The ILGBC is the leading body in the field of green building in Israel, connecting between all stakeholders for joint action. We are proud to be members of the ILGBC.


Comprehensive planning package

The firm has proven experience in the field of management, implementation and marketing of a significant number of projects, as manager and chief architect for planning companies such as the Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, government and public companies in Israel and abroad. Arch. Leitersdorf served over the years, among other things, as chairman of the board of the National Tourism Company, the Eilat Beach Development Company, the Dead Sea Development Company and the Negev Tourism Development Administration; and as an acting chairman and chief planner of a development and construction company in Florida which planned & built residential neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida consisting of over 10,000 housing units.

Working with state agencies

The Ministry of Construction and Housing

ualified the firm to undertake strategic & town planning; detail development planning; engineering, supervision & management of projects with a capacity of 1000 dwelling units and more.
Recently the Ministry of Housing commissioned the firm to plan several residential neighborhoods with a capacity of over 15,000 housing units.

The Ministry of Defense

qualified the firm to conduct regional & town planning, architectural planning for housing, terminals, public & industrial facilities, specialized buildings, road engineering consultation and foreign assistance programs.
Recently the firm was commissioned to plan a mega-project for the Ministry of Defense involving regional & local town plans and including architectural work.

The Israel Land Authority

commissioned the Tahal-Leitersdorf planning partnership to undertake residential neighborhoods with a total capacity of over 14,000 units as well as industrial parks and tourist complexes.

Israel Railways

has qualified the firm to undertake the planning of railway stations.

Fast tracking the planning process

The firm specialized in leading teams of consultants and experts in large-scale planning mega-projects for government offices that require quick procedure of statutory planning at all levels, as well as architectural planning early and in addition to managing and coordinating the work of planning offices dealing with parallel design engineering infrastructures, the detailed planning of buildings and supervision for assembly works. To meet the constraints of schedules developed Arch Leitersdorf parallel process of planning the design of all ranks

among our clients: